“Payment methods for adventure programs”

Sociedad Turismo HAE Limitada

We prefer cash payments (CLP, USD, EUR) or online bank transfers in Chilean pesos, euros, or US dollars. We also gladly accept debit and credit card payments. All our services – for Chileans and foreigners – are affected by value-added tax (VAT). VAT is included in the prices shown on our website and on the program pages.

Important: the total cost of the program must be paid in full before the departure date!

  • Exchange rate, if payment is made by credit card, the amount to be paid must be entered in Chilean pesos and the exchange rate to be used will be determined by the suppliers of such cards. For cash payments and/or Online Bank Transfer, the program prices in EUR or USD will be calculated based on the exchange rate of 1 USD/EUR to CLP at the time of payment minus twenty-five Chilean pesos. For example: if the observed exchange rate is 1 USD -> 800 CLP, the exchange rate to be used will be 1 USD -> 775 CLP.

The exchange rate to be used can be consulted at the following links:

  • Cash payment can be made up to the same day of the start of the program directly to the guides in CLP, USD, and/or EUR.

  • Wire transfer payment, it must be made before the beginning of the program. By selecting this option when making the reservation on the website, the bank details will be sent with the reservation email. The exchange rate must be calculated at the time of payment as indicated in the “Exchange Rate” section of this document.

  • Credit or debit card payments must be made before the beginning of the program. Credit or debit card payments are only accepted through the gateways from “Klap” or “Webpay” on our website at the time of booking, or via the following “payment links” (we do not take card payments in person): ´

Important: In any of the above-mentioned options the payment must be made ONLY in Chilean pesos (CLP) without points or digits, for example: to make a payment of $220.000 CLP, you must enter 220000 !

For more information, questions or comments please contact us!

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