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Sociedad Turismo HAE Limitada

The adventure travel services offered by www.huellandina.com correspond to services operated by “Huella Andina Expeditions”, the fantasy name of the Chilean limited liability company Sociedad Turismo HAE (RUT: 76.076.673-9) unless specified by another operator in the program.

HAE Ltda. is legally represented by Matias Andres Potthoff Pugin (RUT 16838849-7) with commercial address in “Camino Volcán Calbuco KM3.9 Ensenada, Puerto Varas – Región de Los Lagos, Chile“.

Huella Andina Expeditions is an adventure travel company registered in the National Tourism Service (www.sernatur.cl) for classes of “Trekking” (Registro no. 16794) and “High Altitude Mountaineering / Alpine Climbing” (Registro no. 10667), with approved documentary review and inspection field. For all programs taking place in areas protected by the state (National Parks, National Reserves or National Monuments) HAE Ltda. work – since the year 2009 – under a concession contract with the National Forest Corporation (CONAF, Corporación Nacional Forestal) for trekking and mountaineering activities.

All adventure travel services operated by Huella Andina Expeditions are designed following the normative of the National Standards Institute (INN, acronym in Spanish) for “Trekking”: NCh2985.Of2006, “Mountaineering”: NCh2962.Of2006 and “High Altitude Mountaineering / Alpine Climbing”: NCh2951.Of2005. Relying on a fact sheet called “Program” in which explicit and develops the service offered. In the “Program” it is detailed at least: the description, itinerary, the cost per person, the terms and conditions that apply to the service. This information is published in each service available for online booking through our website and corresponds to the services that will be provided.

The prices of each program are presented in Chilean pesos (CLP, CH$) and correspond to the price per 1 person taxes included. All our programs have a maximum number of clients per guide (ratio) defined by our risk management guidelines, which directly affects the cost of the program. The cost of the program is calculated based on the guide rate per client/itinerary, and the costs associated with it, seeking that always the guide received the better rate for his work.

We accept as payment methods for our adventure travel services: Cash (only in Dollars, Euros, or CLP), Debit and Credit cards, Online bank transfers (to a Chilean bank in CLP or to an Austrian bank in EUR). If paying in EUR or USD, program prices are based on the exchange rate set by HAE Ltda. at the time of reservation. The total cost must be paid in full before the program start date.

By hiring or participating in an adventure travel service operated by HAE Ltda. you declare to understand and accept the present “Terms and Conditions” for HAE Ltda. Adventure Travel Programs (detailed in the previous paragraphs), the “program of the activity” and the declaration of “Knowledge and acceptance of risks, terms and conditions” (http://hae.cl/acceptance).

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