Nationaler Verband der Bergführer

HAE was founded on october 2009

Born with a single dream about to live from what we do. With the idea of sharing with others the experiences that our backyard has made in us. We use our experience traveling, climbing, and mountaineering with our knowledge of our region and its people to develop experiences. Thus our life in Southern Chile is defined by the close relationship it shares with the natural landscapes. The volcanoes and glaciers dominate the land, shape our geology, and define our way of life. The simple act of think about climbing a volcano leads us to rediscover ourselves in an adventure journey exploring its morphology, its history, its nature, and the people who live in it. Because we do what we love, we trust that each of our acts – as a company, guides, or persons – will be developed with the best of us. It will be friendly, honest, and respectful to our guests, to us, and to whom is hosting our journey.

José Miguel Potthoff Pugin
Managing Director and Mountain Guide

José Miguel Potthoff Pugin is married to Sandra. He lives half of the year on the slopes of the Calbuco volcano, in Chile, and the other half close to the alps, in Lower Austria.

Matías Andrés Potthoff Pugin
Operations Manager & Mountain Guide

Matías Andrés Potthoff Pugin father of Isidora, Catalina & Mia and former 3rd Lieutenant of the 4th Firefighters Company of Osorno.

Sandra Zänglein
Tour leader & Front office
Falco N. Henríquez Zárate
Mountain guide
Juan Ignacio Martínez Ovando
Mountain guide
Eduardo Rojas Moreno
Mountain guide
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