"General Terms & Conditions - Adventure Travel Programs".

Sociedad Turismo HAE Limitada

The adventure travel services offered by www.huellandina.com correspond to services operated by “Huella Andina Expeditions”, the fantasy name of the Chilean limited liability company Sociedad Turismo HAE (RUT: 76.076.673-9) unless specified by another operator in the program.

Sociedad Turismo HAE Ltda. is legally represented by Matías Andrés Potthoff Pugin (RUT 16.838.849-7) with business address at "V-623 KM3.9 Ensenada, Puerto Varas - Región de Los Lagos, Chile".

Huella Andina Expeditions is an adventure travel company registered with the National Tourism Service (www.sernatur.cl) for classes of “Trekking” (Registro no. 16794) and “High Altitude Mountaineering / Alpine Climbing” (Registro no. 10667), with approved documentary review and inspection field. For all programs taking place in areas protected by the state (National Parks, National Reserves, or National Monuments) HAE Ltda. work – since the year 2009 – under a concession contract with the National Forest Corporation (CONAF, Corporación Nacional Forestal) for trekking and mountaineering activities. Every mountain guide who leads one of our programs will be a member of the National Association of Mountain Guides, ANGM.

All adventure travel services operated by Huella Andina Expeditions are designed following the normative of the National Standards Institute (INN, acronym in Spanish) for “Trekking”: NCh2985.Of2006, “Mountaineering”: NCh2962.Of2006 and “High Altitude Mountaineering / Alpine Climbing”: NCh2951.Of2005. It has a technical sheet called "Program" in which the service offered is explained and developed. The information in this data sheet is available on and on the "website" of each programme published on www.huellandina.com It details at least: the description, itinerary, value, terms and conditions (services included and not included; equipment responsibility of the client; experience and technical capacity required; limitations and/or restrictions of the activity; description of actions that the participant must follow for the proper development of the activity; criteria used to suspend the activity; etc.) that apply and under which the service will be developed.

Pre and post-sales communication of our services is done exclusively by email or the chat bubble of our website. For these purposes our only communication channels: we do not work by Social Media, WhatsApp, or by phone. Our office is open to receiving clients by appointment only, mainly because we do most of our office work remotely. Once a service has been confirmed, we will send you the contact number of the guide in charge of the program via WhatsApp on the day the service begins, so that we can effectively resolve any questions, doubts, or last-minute requirements.

All our prices are presented in Chilean pesos (CLP, CH$), corresponding to the value for one person including taxes. All our programs have a maximum number of clients per guide (ratio) defined by our risk management guidelines, which directly affects the cost of the program. This is calculated on the basis of the guide's rate per client/itinerary and the costs associated with it so that the guide always receives the best rate for his work.

The total cost of the program must be paid in full before the start date of the program. For this purpose, we accept payment in cash (only in US dollars, Euros, or Chilean pesos); credit or debit cards exclusively through payment links (http://hae.cl/webpay or http://hae.cl/klap) or the payment gateways activated on our website (Klap and Wetravel); wire transfer (Chilean bank in CLP, via IBAN in EUR, or in USD to an account in the USA).

Important for payments through the Wetravel platform: This platform allows us to easily and safely process prepayments for programs through cards issued by foreign banks (not Chilean), especially facilitating refunds. However, there is a service fee of 2.9% of the total amount payable to the end customer.

If payment is made in USD or EUR, the conversion must be done at the time of payment. For card payments, this is done automatically by the suppliers; for cash or bank transfer payments, the calculation must be made at the time of the transaction. from the total amount of the service in Chilean pesos to the amount in USD or EUR at the observed exchange rate of the day minus $25 CLP. (links to dolar and euro observed). For example, if the observed exchange rate is 1 USD - > 800 CLP, the exchange rate to be used will be 1 USD - > 775 CLP. For further details on available payment methods, click on the following link.

By hiring or participating in an adventure travel service operated by HAE Ltda. the participant(s) declare to understand and accept the present "General Terms and Conditions" for adventure tourism programs of HAE Ltda. detailed in the preceding paragraphs, "the Program of such activity (web page of the service)" and the statement of "Knowledge and acceptance of risks, terms, and conditions". (http://hae.cl/aceptacion).

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Huella Andina is a registered trademark of HAE Ltda. 2009 – 2024
A family business that offers a professional service in adventure trips in the south of Chile.