Matías studied Tourism Services in Inacap, Osorno – Chile. He grew up as a mountaineering in his mountain club “Amun Newen”, taken Orientation courses, Mountaineering and Climbing in the “Federación de Andinismo ” of Chile (FEACH) and the “Escuela Española de Alta Montaña – EEAM”, as well the Wilderness First Responder (CSE/WFR Ecomed 2009 / WAFA ECSI 2012)” and “Techniques working at height” with Vertisub (2012). He is a specialized tourist guide registered in the national tourist service with the number 9772 from the year 2013 and a member of the National Asociation of Mountain Guides (

He began mountaineering at the age of 13, climbing in the Andes of southern Chile. He has climbed in the European continent and the Andes including the Zmutt Ridge on the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the attempt to the “Swiss Route” in Grand Capucin, to the “South Wall” of the Marmolada, and open the “Via Chilena” in Mount Tronador. Moreover he has climbed the Volcano San Jose, the volcanoes Casa Blanca, Puyehue, Calbuco, Osorno, Mocho – Choshuenco, Puntiagudo and made the first absolute ascent of “Cerro Isi” in the Cordon of “Los Cenizos” in southern Chile (2007).

In June 2011 Matias traveled for a month to the Cordillera Blanca of Peru, he explored the Valleys of Ishinca and Alpamayo / Quitaraju, climbing the Tocallarju (6.032m).

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