Climbing Yates Volcano

CLP$400.000 VAT included.


Located in the Reloncaví estuary, Yates is the first predominant summit on the way to Patagonia along the Austral Highway. A route that begins at sea level, passes through the houses of the settlers and quickly enters a dense forest until, gaining height, we will obtain the first views of the sea from the mallín that marks the change in the vegetation and will take us to the upper part of the mountain, its glacier, and its summit.

2 days
Group size:
1 to 8 persons
All year
Start / End
Puerto Varas
1 guide every 4 clients
2.187 masl
+- 19 km (round trip)
+-2.187 m
Meals Technical equipment Camping equipment Transport

Information on reservations and discounts

  • If you are making a reservation less than 7 days in advance, we can only confirm it with the payment of the total cost of the program.
  • If you are booking more than 7 days in advance, you can pay only the reservation fee ($ 50,000CLP), and then coordinate the payment of the difference before the start of the program.
The values of the programs are per person, in Chilean pesos and taxes included. We make discounts for the number of people who book the same program together. At the time of booking, the total amount to be canceled - discounts included - will be indicated for the reserved group. If you do not require any of the included services, such as transportation, you can discount it at the time of booking. In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) you will find the detail to be discounted and the coupon to use.
- CLP$50.000- CLP$100.000

Upcoming departures

  • Daily departures upon reservation and adequate weather conditions for a summit attempt between August 2023 and March 2024.
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Total: 400000


D1, 7 am transportation from Puerto Varas to Llaguepe.

D1, 10:30 am start of the trek to the camp.

D1, 3:30 pm arrival at the camp (970 masl).

D2, 6 am start of the west face route ascent.

D2, 12 pm maximum ascent time. Start of descent to the camp.

D2, 3 pm a stop rest in the camp.

D2, 4 pm start of the return trek.

D2, 7 pm return to Puerto Varas.

D2, 10 pm end of service.

Special offer

CLP$50.000 per adult
No limit To No limit
Number adult >=2
CLP$100.000 per adult
No limit To No limit
Number adult >=3


From its summit, the views towards its neighbors to the north: Calbuco, Osorno, and Tronador, in addition to the entire length of the first fjord in Patagonia and the beautiful west glacier of the Yates Volcano, together with its approach through the farms of the few inhabitants of the sector, and the typical evergreen forests, crowned in the upper part with one or another larch, make your ascent a complete mountain experience in southern Chile and Patagonia.

Beginning its ascent from sea level, the western route will entail us traversing the full altitude of the mountain. On the first day, we will progress through the fields and the forest, to set up our camp at a thousand meters of altitude. In summer, this will be on trails that will become muddy with the rains (very common in this area), and in winter if we have a lot of snow, the approach will be the hardest part of the ascent. Once the “Mallím” (like a swamp) is reached, the change in the vegetation due to the altitude will be evident, a little later we will have our objective insight. The trail will continue through volcanic scree until reaching the foot of the glacier at 1,900 meters above sea level. From this point, we will continue the ascent rope-up by slopes of about 40º to the pass that joins the north and south summits, and then the final tower that will require some scrambling (or some ice/snow climbing in winter). We will return by the same route!

In winter, the Yates volcano is a good route to do with ski touring. However, depending on how the winter is, we will have to consider adding a third day, so as not to exhaust our strength advancing through deep snow when crossing the forest.

Additional information

- Includes:

Mountain guiding service in non-private program; bilingual ANGM mountain guides (Spanish, English); entrance fees to National Parks and/or private lands; excursions, transportation and meals as described in the itinerary; activity insurance; first aid kit for wilderness areas; all group equipment required for the itinerary and per client as listed here (helmet, harness with accessories, crampons, ice axe, camping equipment); in areas without cell phone coverage, a 2-way satellite communicator (with real-time online tracking, SOS function), in areas with cell phone coverage, a 1-way satellite communicator and/or VHF radios.

The program includes meals (dinners and breakfasts according to itinerary) and accommodation in a mountain tent for 2 persons at the camp. For this, we must carry in our backpacks the common equipment, food, and personal equipment!

- Not included:

Guide tips, additional services or upgrades, personal gear, life and/or travel insurance, porters or horses (if available), extra expenses for cities, alcoholic beverages, meals not specified in the itinerary or not included in the menu, extra nights lodging in cities or due to changes in the itinerary, everything else not mentioned in the program.

- Personal Gear required by the client:

Clothes suitable for the activity (first layer set, fleece jacket, windproof and waterproof jacket, trekking pants, windproof and waterproof pants, thermal jacket, fleece gloves or first layer, windproof and waterproof gloves, warm hat); hiking boots (rigid sole, higher than the ankle and waterproof. A double boot is recommended); trekking poles; headlamp; sunglasses and/or goggles; backpack (+50L or large enough to carry your personal items plus those we provide*); sleeping bag (recommended comfort temperature of at least -7º celsius) and sleeping pad; water bottle (minimum 2 liters); protective sun cream (skin, lips). Recommended: gaiters, spare clothes (to leave in the vehicle), camera. Possibility of renting equipment. Consult for more information or advice on the selection of equipment.
*Common camping equipment, food, individual technical equipment, and personal items.

- Experience and technical expertise required:

Apt for people without previous climbing experience but with an adequate shape to participate in up to +12 hours per day of physical activity in wilderness terrain. Physical condition is subject to guide evaluation.

- Limitations/activity restrictions:

Not suitable for people with heart problems or disabilities that may prevent them from participating in long-term strenuous physical activity, children under the age of 18 without the written authorization of parents or legal guardian. The minimum age to participate is 15 years, the maximum age to participate is 70 years. It is recommended that all participants undergo a complete physical before booking the climb. Due to the location where the activity occurs, we do not recommend it for pregnant women.

- Description of actions to be followed by the participant for the proper development of the activity:

It will be required of those who participate in the program to respect and protect the historical, natural, and cultural heritage in which the activities take place. Besides being cordial and respectful with those who share the program and with local communities visited. All program participants will be governed by a code of “Leave No Trace”, which may be introduced by the guides during the development of the activity.

- Criteria used to suspend or modify the activity:

The participant puts activity or participants safety at risk; the participant does not follow actions for the good development of the activity; cloudiness between elevation comprising glacial areas; wind, rain or snow between elevation comprising glacial areas or that may affect the physical and/or psychological conditions of the participants; physical and/or psychological assessment of participants by the guide responsible for the activity; volcanic activity and/or other natural phenomena that endanger the safety of the trip; weather/nature conditions change; accidents or incidents.

- Insurance:

Throughout the program whenever adventure tourism activities take place: hiking, trekking, climbing volcanoes participants will be covered by complimentary additional insurance against accidents or death. The insurance is given through HAE Ltda. and its coverage is limited to the duration of said activity. Contact us for further information. It is the responsibility of each participant to contract their own life and/or travel insurance coverage for the remainder of their trip.

- Pricing:

The prices of each program are presented in Chilean pesos (CLP, CH$) and correspond to the price per 1 person taxes included. All our programs have a maximum number of clients per guide (ratio) defined by our risk management guidelines, which directly affects the cost of the program. The cost of the program is calculated based on the guide rate per client/itinerary, and the costs associated with it, seeking that always the guide received the better rate for his work.

- Reservations:

It is done through the website or by email ( We will confirm availability within 24 hours of receiving the information from the participants. A non-refundable deposit of $50,000 CLP per person is required to confirm your reservation (date and program). Reservations must be done at least 2 days before the program start date.

- Payment methods:

Payment in Cash (only Dollars, Euros, or CLP), Credit Card, Online bank transfer (Chilean – CLP or Austrian – EUR Bank). If payment is made in foreign currency, the prices of the programs are based on the exchange rate set by HAE Ltda.
at the time of payment. The total cost must be paid in full before the program start date. More information

- Cancellation conditions:

– Cancellation requested by the client more than 2 days before the program start date: refund available with a penalty equal to the reservation fee paid.
– Cancellation requested by the client less than 2 days before the program start date: no refund is available but the date can be rescheduled (subject to availability).
Once a trip begins no refunds or rescheduling available.

HAE Ltda. reserves the right to cancel an excursion prior to start time due to weather conditions or other factors that may affect the security of the participants, as assessed by the lead guide and/or the “criteria used to suspend or modify the activity” listed in this document. As well, but it is not limited, to cancellations caused by not reached the minimum participants required, logistical problems such as strikes, acts of nature, or any other circumstances which may make operating the trip unadvisable. We will keep you informed regarding any aspect that we consider that may affect your trip and in case we can not develop the booked program we will offer the possibility to change your booking to an alternative one, change the goals of it, or we will refund the payment made. The limit for this refund will be the limit of HAE Ltda.’s liability.

We will honestly inform you of the conditions that we may predict you should expect during the development of the program and if they may affect the normality of it. Be aware that the forecast is a human interpretation of diverse variables and it can be wrong or variables can change. If during the development of the program there are adverse weather conditions or other factors evaluated by the responsible guide and/or the “criteria used to suspend or modify the activity” listed in this document, and/or a request from the client to cancel the activity, HAE Ltda.
reserves the right to cancel or modify the itinerary, itinerary details or objectives without any refund or rescheduling available.

HAE Ltda.
is not responsible for expenses incurred by you in preparation for travel, including – but not limited to – purchases of “passenger liability equipment” or non-refundable or penalty airline tickets.

We recommend that you consider trip cancellation and/or interruption insurance. Such a policy will offset cancellation charges in the event of illness before or during the trip.

By hiring or participating in an adventure travel service operated by HAE Ltda. you declare to understand and accept the “Terms and Conditions” for HAE Ltda. Adventure Travel Programs (, the “program of the activity” and the declaration of “Knowledge and acceptance of risks, terms and conditions” (

All HAE mountain or climbing programs do not guarantee to reach a mountain summit.

Is previous experience required?

No previous experience is required!

The climb to the summit of the Yates volcano is suitable for anyone with a physical and psychological capacity for two days in forest and mountain terrain. It can be physically and we will have glacier terrain, but it does not require climbs or difficult steps on its ascent, or previous climbing or glacier experience.

What is a mountain guide service in a non-private program?

It is the ascent of a mountain or volcano of a group accompanied by a (or several) Mountain Guide! We do our best to customize our programs to your needs, but please note that regular programs are shared services. We will always let you know in advance when more people join the same trip! If you will like to book in advance a private guide, it will need to be priced accordingly at the capacity of clients that your guide could have on this trip.

What if there is bad weather?

The weather conditions are essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. However, an accurate and somewhat reliable weather forecast can only be had about five (5) days before the planned date for the trip, so we try to be as flexible as possible with reservations made in advance: To be able to book a date we only require the payment of the reservation fee, and once we have a reliable forecast we re-confirm the date and coordinate the payment of the difference. But if it is not possible to start the ascent because we foresee that there will be poor visibility in the glacial area (precipitation or clouds that reduce visibility to only a few meters) we will look for an alternative date or the refund of the booking fee. However, if by mutual agreement we decide to start the program (that is, to go out to pick you up or to meet at the shelter), either because the forecast looks good, acceptable, or unclear, and the conditions do not allow us to reach the summit or meet the proposed objectives, there is no refund of money!

What equipment is required?

The program includes the technical equipment: crampons, helmet, harness, ice axe. So they basically only require their mountain boots, clothes, and accessories (glasses, backpack, gloves). Anyway you can see the checklist to verify that you have what you need and / or let us know if you need something! Some programs may also include other items (such as sleeping bag or canes), so if it is indicated in the program it will be available in the program.

Can I rent the equipment that I am missing?

Yes, we have available trekking poles, mountain boots, gloves, backpacks, sunglasses for rent. So if you need something do not forget to let us know in the booking process.

From and to where is the transportation included in the program?

The program includes the transportation from/to Puerto Varas, Ensenada, Petrohue, Puerto Octay or Cascadas. Picking or dropping from Osorno, Puerto Montt, Puerto Montt/Osorno airport, Llanquihue or Frutillar have an extra cost of $15.000 CLP per way. Other places are available upon request. If you want to arrive on your own at the meeting point we will deduct the cost of transportation ($10,000CLP per person). For this you can use the coupon "transport-1p" when making the reservation (you must change the number according to the number of people who are booking, if there are 3, the coupon to use would be transport-3p). There are some programs that include transportation from other cities, if indicated in the description, so it will be!

What type of transport will be used?

Because most of our trips are small groups, it will be just you or a couple of other people, we rent the car from the guide (or our family) to develop the program: A normal car, clean, in good condition and of course with all the required permits. For bigger groups, we hire a driver with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van or similar.

Can I book if it's just me?

Yes! The minimum to perform the program is one (1) person, so there is no problem in doing the program just for you. But keep in mind that it is a shared service, so if there is another person interested in the program and the date they could share the service. But don't worry we'll let you know if that happens!

I want to do a private program

While most of our programs are small groups and it's almost always just the group you've booked together, our regular programs are shared services. So if you would like to book a private program in advance, it will be priced accordingly to the capacity of the clients that the guide or guides could have on that trip. Write to us to see it in detail!


– Personal Gear required by the client

“Climbing Yates Volcano”

  • Mountain boots: rigid sole, waterproof, and that exceed the ankle.
  • Gaiters (Dispensable in summer)
  • Thick and long socks
  • Base layer:long underwear and long-sleeve quick-dry shirt (not from cotton!)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Insulated jacket: goose down or synthetic
  • Water and windproof jacket
  • Waterproof or softshell or thick trekking pants(depending on the season and conditions)
  • Gloves (ideal waterproof and windproof glove with a liner or a pair of wool/fleece gloves and a pair of ski gloves.Recommended to have 2 pairs)
  • Beanie or balaclava or buff
  • Sun glasses (UV protection)
  • Backpack +50L (or large enough to carry your personal items and those we will provide you with, such as common camping gear and food, and your technical gear)
  • Sleeping bag(recommended comfort temperature of at least -7º celsius).
  • Sleeping pad
  • Spare clothes(to leave in the vehicle)
  • Trekking poles
  • Headlamp
  • Bottle or platypus with water(minimum 2 liters. In summer it is possible that there is no water near the refuge)
  • Snacks for the climb (fruits, nuts, protein or cereal bars, sandwiches, etc.)
  • Camera
  • Sunscreen (skin and lips)

  • Please keep in mind that this is a reference list. Depending on the conditions and the season of the ascent, items can be included or removed. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice on the selection of clothing and/or equipment! Depending on the conditions and the season of the climb, items can be included or removed. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice on the selection of clothing and/or equipment!


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