Climbing Calbuco Volcano



Price in Chilean pesos for a group of only 1.

A little explored and very interesting mountain in summer, autumn, spring and winter. A more physical climb that will take us into the southern forests and up to the summit, with views of the neighboring volcanoes Osorno and Tronador, Lakes Chapo and Llanquihue, and the first glimpses of the fjords and northern Patagonia!


2 days


1 to 9 people

1 guide every 3 customers


Puerto Varas



2,015 masl


+-20 km (round trip)


+1,601 m

Technical equipment
Dinner and breakfast

Program description

The ascent combines the evergreen forest and the vestiges of the last eruptions, combining trekking in the forest and volcanic scree with easy climbs on rocks during the summer or on snow during the winter and spring. In its upper part there is a large crater on the east side and a rock pyramid on its main summit (southwest).

Rising almost 1,500 meters above the surrounding peaks, with a truncated shape as a result of a violent eruption in 1893 and presenting significant volcanic activity in 2015 and 1961. The Calbuco receives its name from the first peoples who traveled through these lands and although Kallfüko is not its only denomination, it is the one that has transcended and speaks of the mountain of blue waters where the evergreen forest, coihues, ulmos, tepa and of course the murtas predominate. And where foxes, pudúes, pumas and a great variety of birds inhabit, from the chucao in the deepest of its forests to condors in the ravines and rocks of its upper part.

Its southern ascent route through the Llanquihue National Reserve is extensive and physically demanding. Although it is feasible to do it in one long day, our regular program divides the ascent in two days, spending the night in the refuge built by the Free Sport Foundation at the edge of the vegetation, which we will reach by following the course of the Blanco River.

The night in the refuge will serve to replenish energy with the views that we will achieve as we gain altitude and continue the ascent in a now rockier terrain, with rocky climbs to reach the base of the summit tower. In winter and spring it is possible that this stretch is snowy or icy!

The return to the vehicle is long. So the maximum time to start the return from the summit will be 11 am. With this we will have a demanding day, with great views, lots of green and, we hope, a beautiful summit of the volcanoes of southern Chile!

Upcoming departures:
  • Regular departures upon reservation and suitable weather conditions for a summit attempt between August 2023 and January 2024.

Itinerary & Route

Day 1

  • 12 pm

    Transportation from Puerto Varas to the Llanquihue National Reserve.

  • 14:30 am

    Start of trekking through the forest (+-7km).

  • 17:30 am

    Arrival at the refuge (+-1,100 masl).

Day 2

  • 5 am

    beginning of the ascent to the summit.

  • 9 am

    Arrival at Torreon Cumbrero!

  • 11 am

    Maximum start time of the descent.

  • 2 pm

    arrival at the refuge. Food and rest.

  • 4 pm

    return to Puerto Varas.

  • 6 pm

    End of Service.





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“ChECKLIST FOR Climbing Calbuco Volcano”

In the following form you can check the items you need to bring with you to participate in the program and also let us know those you do not have or will not have with you. When you submit the checklist, it will be sent to us and we will be able to add it to your reservation details and prepare everything in advance. You can also download it as a PDF and receive it in your email!

If you have any questions or queries, you can do it directly in the chat or by email!

    • You can rent: Mountain boots (single boot, $10.000 CLP); Softshell pants ($8.000 CLP); Gaiters ($5.000 CLP); Gloves ($3,000 CLP); Backpack 30L ($5.000 CLP); Trekking poles ($5.000 CLP); Headlamp ($3.000 CLP).

    • You can order our box lunch: 2 protein/cereal bars, 2 fruits, dried fruit and a vegetarian sandwich for 10,000 CLP.

    • Please contact us for more information or advice on selecting clothing and/or equipment.

    Per group:

    For those who book the same program together, there is a discount of $20.000 CLP per person, which is applied automatically when making the reservation.

    By transport:

    If you wish to arrive on your own at the starting point of the program, $10.000 CLP per person will be deducted when making the reservation and indicating that you do not require us to transport you.


    The weather conditions are essential for a safe and enjoyable trip. However, an accurate and somewhat reliable weather forecast can only be had about five (5) days before the planned date for the trip, so we try to be as flexible as possible with reservations made in advance:

    To be able to book a date we only require the payment of the reservation fee, and once we have a reliable forecast we re-confirm the date and coordinate the payment of the difference. But if it is not possible to start the ascent because we foresee that there will be poor visibility in the glacial area (precipitation or clouds that reduce visibility to only a few meters) we will look for an alternative date or the refund of the booking fee.

    However, if by mutual agreement we decide to start the program (that is, to go out to pick you up or to meet at the lodge), either because the forecast looks good, acceptable, or unclear, and the conditions do not allow us to reach the summit or meet the proposed objectives, there is no refund of the payment!


    The minimum to perform the program is one (1) person, so there is no problem in doing the program just for you. But keep in mind that it is a shared service, so if there is another person interested in the program and the date they could share the service. But don't worry we'll let you know if that happens!

    Yes, we have available trekking poles, mountain boots, gloves, backpacks, sunglasses for rent. So if you need something do not forget to let us know in the booking process.

    While most of our programs are small groups and it's almost always just the group you've booked together, our regular programs are shared services. So if you would like to book a private program in advance, it will be priced accordingly to the capacity of the clients that the guide or guides could have on that trip. Write to us to see it in detail!

    The program includes the transportation from/to Puerto Varas, Ensenada, Petrohue, Puerto Octay or Cascadas. Picking or dropping from Osorno, Puerto Montt, Puerto Montt/Osorno airport, Llanquihue or Frutillar have an extra cost of $15.000 CLP per way. Other places are available upon request.

    If you want to arrive on your own at the meeting point we will deduct the cost of transportation ($10,000CLP per person). For this you can use the coupon "transport-1p" when making the reservation (you must change the number according to the number of people who are booking, if there are 3, the coupon to use would be transport-3p).

    There are some programs that include transportation from other cities, if indicated in the description, so it will be!

    The program includes the technical equipment: crampons, helmet, harness, ice axe. So they basically only require their mountain boots, clothes, and accessories (glasses, backpack, gloves). Anyway you can see the checklist to verify that you have what you need and / or let us know if you need something!

    Some programs may also include other items (such as sleeping bags or trekking poles), so if it is indicated in the program it will be available in the program.

    It is the ascent of a mountain or volcano by a group accompanied by a (or several) Mountain Guides!

    We do our best to customize our programs to your needs, but please note that regular programs are shared services. We will always let you know in advance when more people join the same trip!

    If you will like to book in advance a private guide, it will need to be priced accordingly at the capacity of clients that your guide could have on this trip.

    Because most of our trips are small groups, it will be just you or a couple of other people, we rent the car from the guide (or our family) to develop the program: A normal car, clean, in good condition and of course with all the required permits. For bigger groups, we hire a driver with a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van or similar.

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